24 December 2007

Rants, a Healthy Outlet for the Opinionated

One of the many reasons I had to start a blog is because, as mentioned in the second post, I’m an opinionated person. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I must feel like I’m being heard. That was a great source of strife and misunderstanding between Herr Sowieso (an ex-boyfriend) and me. He thought I was trying to convince him when all I really wanted was to make my opinions known so he could have a more accurate picture of who I was. Not only that, among his other flaws, he was lazy—not academically or careerwise—he was interpersonally lazy. He preferred to learn a tiny bit about people and then promptly put them in box. Since I defy categorization, that was another source of contention between us. He’s out of my life now, and good thing too, because I dislike who I was becoming when we were together. Anyway, this post is not about him. If I ever get in the mood I can tell you more about him some other time. Back to the subject at hand…

As an opinionated person I have 101 rants roiling inside me on any given day. My friends have heard their fair share of them. The problem is that sometimes I forget whom I’ve already told what and repeat myself. I figure that if I write down my rants it will quiet the roiling and I won’t feel the need to voice them because they will be ‘out there’ already. We’ll see if it that works.

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