12 December 2007

What’s in a name?

I really wanted to name this blog “The opinionated knitter” because, well, that's what I am, but I was afraid that a horde of hardcore Elizabeth Zimmerman devotees would accuse me of sacrilege and show up in the night waving bludgeon clubs and burning torches.

How did I decide on La Guaria del Bosque? Well, I am originally from Costa Rica, where the national flower is the Guaria Morada, an orchid which grows in great abundance all over Central America (there are approximately 1,400 orchid species in Costa Rica alone). I now live in the Washington, DC area. Outside my balcony there is about half an acre of trees that look like a little forest. I absolutely adore my balcony view. And so, I like to think of myself as an orchid of the forest, thus La Guaria del Bosque. [Photo by Oscar Chacón.]

By the way, if you have any questions, requests, advice, complaints, compliments, please leave a comment.
Español - También me pueden dejar comentarios en español.
Français - Vous pouvez m'envoyer des commentaires en français.
Italiano - Capisco l'italiano, ma non lo parlo bene.

When I lived in Connecticut I used to be on the local board of directors for Hostelling International. One of my fellow board members was a German woman who learned how to drive after she moved to the United States, therefore, despite being a fluent speaker of German, she only knew the parts of the car engine in English. Likewise, since I learned how to knit in the U.S., my knitting terminology is mostly limited to English. I hope you’ll understand.


Henry said...

Un saluto dall'Italia Ciao

cici said...

That was beautiful.Thanks for the explanation(because I sure was wondering haha). I think I am all caught up now.. Your blog is really nice.. I look forward to reading more.