13 December 2007

“On the road to nowhere…”

Since it had snowed last week, my good friend, Toad, decided that it might be a good weekend for the first ski trip of the season. So on Sunday he packed his car with the necessary gear, picked me up at my apartment and we hit the road. It was a drizzly day, but we hoped that, as we neared higher elevations, the drizzle would convert to snow. The entire three-hour trip was foggy and drizzly. No conversion took place. Shows how much we know about meteorology.

When we got to the ski resort it was still drizzling and the snow was slushy. Although they were having deeply discounted prices ($7 for all-day ski lift tickets, $17 for ski rentals) it just didn’t seem worth it. Surprisingly enough, there were lots of people on the slopes. The miserable weather just didn’t put us in the skiing mood. I’ve skied in snowy and sunny weather, at night and in the daytime, but rain just didn’t inspire me in the least. To make matters worse, we were supposed to meet up with our friends, the Baltimore Crew, but since neither of our cell phones were getting any reception on the mountain, we weren’t even able to contact them. So we hung around for a little while, then jumped back into the car and drove back home (yes, another three hours). Toad kept singing “On the road to nowhere.” Couldn’t tell if it was the heavy metal or country western version.

The only consolation was that Toad is great company, so we talked and snacked and knit (or I knit while he drove). Although the fog made for very poor visibility, some of the views were hauntingly beautiful. Sadly, I was unable to take advantage of that because the camera sucked the batteries dry after a mere five shots. Toad thinks that someone should invent an automobile charger for digital cameras . I agree.

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