23 December 2007


I’ve been wanting to make a lacy shawl for a long time, but just hadn’t found a pattern that inspired me enough to jump in. This summer I fell in love with Rachael’s shawl and started scouring stitch dictionaries at home and at the library so I could make my own. When I finally found what I wanted, I started swatching. Before I could go any further I stopped myself and said, “Since you’re so fascinated with this shawl, how about finishing the unfinished projects? Then you can begin work on the shawl as a reward?” So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Of course, another great motivator is this blog. Lest you start believing that all I knit are scarves and blankets, there are some pretty fabulous sweaters (if I do say so myself) that just need sleeves to be attached or seams to be sewn. I hope to post them soon. ¡Manos a la obra!

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