27 February 2008

Blame it on the Albinos or How to Fritter Away Several Hours

Yahoo - checked mail

Yahoo - read news article: Ten Worst Video Dating Profiles

YouTube - Watched dorky guy’s video. He wants to meet a redhead because he once dated a special redhead. One of the commenters pointed out that he had “that powder” disease. I responded that it’s called albinism. Before posting the response, I checked wikipedia.com to make sure I’d spelled albinism correctly. Read article on albinism. Noticed list of famous albinos, had to click on each one, of course.

Read about albino rapper Brother Ali. Visited his MySpace page. Watched a couple of his videos on YouTube.

Read about musician Edgar Winter, who's a scientologist. Read about scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard and his successor David Miscavige (who was best man at Tom Cruise’s wedding). Read about the Sea Organization. Read about Operation Snow White and Operation Freakout. Read about ex-scientologist Bob Minton. Read about scientology critic Mayor Gabriel "Gabe" Cazares. Read about Lisa McPherson, who died while in custody of scientologists who refused to get her psychiatric attention (they don’t believe in psychiatry).

All very interesting, in a disturbing sort of way. After reading this stuff, most conspiracy theories seem plausible. There is something very suspicious and sinister about ultra-secretive organizations (governmental, religious or otherwise) that can wield that much power.

Then clicked on actor-comedian Victor Varnado’s name and read his bio. Checked out his website and watched his stand- up comedy and short films (much-needed after all that creepy scientology reading) had some good laughs. Checked out his blog. He’s learning how to knit! Left an encouraging comment on his blog.

Tried to go to bed before the sun came up and/or the birds outside my window start getting really loud.

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