27 February 2008

Aiurophile: That’s me!

ailurophile (noun) A cat fancier; a lover of cats.

It is amazing that in a land of so many ailurophiles, the word is used so rarely. Cat-lover may be a more straightforward term but it is also ambiguous and potentially misleading. Play it safe and use this: ailurophile. Don't like cats? Well, we have something for you, too—you are an "ailurophobe," someone who hates or fears cats. The adjective is ailurophilic, unless you mean "cat-like," that's ailuroid. Etymology: a concoction of Greek ailur-os "house cat" + phili-os "friendly, fond of."

—Dr. Language, yourDictionary.com

Most cat owners can attest to the fact that if you put an empty box on the floor, the cat will decide to turn it into a nest. This box contained documents and miscellaneous papers. While looking through a pile of papers I’d removed from it, Duquesa, ever the opportunist, jumped in. Can you read the newspaper? It’s a personal ad that appeared in an old edition of The Hartford Advocate. It says: “Stop the clock, come be my love.” Attractive SWJF, 47, of very sound body and mind in search of a man for all seasons. I wonder if that single, white, Jewish female found ‘a man for all seasons’ or just a seasonal man. Hee-hee.

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Chelette said...

I am a ailurophobe - and it is part fear and mostly I just do not like them. My sister on the other hand is a ailurophile -- she has SASHA and I don't visit not unless we put SASHA in a locked room.