10 January 2008

To date or not to date?

I’m trying to decide whether to include start and finish dates in the specs of my completed objects. You see, I have the terrible habit of knitting quite conscientiously and sometimes obsessively on a project, almost finishing it, then setting it aside and starting a new, exciting project. That means that I would end up writing stuff like: Purple Sweater: started February 2004 – finished February 2008. It’ll prompt people to wonder if I was knitting it with my toes…

Case in point: there’s one sweater I started when I was a beginner and used to knit twisted. If I were to go back and finish the sleeves, they would look different from the body because I have since corrected my knitting and don’t remember how to knit twisted. And I don’t really feel like re-knitting the body, so it sits patiently in my closet doomed to live forever in UFO-land.

What do you think? Should I include start and finish dates or not?

basketweave scarf
yarn: 1.5 balls of loden Woolease 80% acrylic, 20% wool
needles: 4 mm/US 6
pattern: basket weave with seed stitch edging comments: This scarf was originally meant for Novio, but considering his aversion to wool, I may keep it for myself or give it as a gift. I’m pleased with the result. Might make a matching hat with the remaining yarn.

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