10 January 2008

Ten, Five, One Year(s) Ago

Ten years ago I’d just completed the most challenging and fulfilling year of work to date. Having just returned from two months of backpacking through Europe (preceded by a month-long stay in Morocco and three weeks in Costa Rica), I was dealing with reverse culture shock. Being back in sleepy old Connecticut after experiencing so many thrilling adventures was a bit of a downer. The one thing that made things interesting was that I was preparing to move into my first apartment.

Five years ago I was experiencing the most excruciating post-breakup heart pain. (How could I have made such an idiotic choice? I knew better! I wish he were dead! Will I be able to love again?) Imagine someone ripping your heart out of your chest, throwing it on the ground then kicking it with steel-toed boots while his friends laughed. Add your father shaking his head sadly with that “I told you so” look on his face.

I finally packed up my things and moved to the DC area (yay!).

One year ago I was in my highest paying, most stressful job EVER (Incompetent administrators deserve their own special little torture chamber in hell. They almost managed to suck all the joy out of a job I love.). I learned, again, that not everyone can be trusted (i.e. incompetent administrators who smile in your face and stab you in the back). On the positive side, I survived the ordeal.

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