18 December 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

The weekend was super-busy. Papi (my father) flew in from Connecticut to hear me sing in Handel’s The Messiah. Let me tell you that that was a major coup, because in the five years I’ve lived in this area, this is the first time he has come. It’s not that he doesn’t love me or want to see me. It’s that he’s a workaholic and thinks that the world will stop turning if he takes a couple of days off. Anyway, I was thrilled to have him here. We talked and laughed and surfed the web(!) together. I hope he comes again soon.

Also, Novio (my boyfriend) flew* in from the Midwest to hear me sing. This has been the busiest Christmas season I have ever had in terms of singing. I’ve had three performances of The Messiah in three different churches (Capitol Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in DC, Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Maryland and Northeastern Presbyterian Church in DC). The second and third performances took place this weekend. I’m relieved that I don’t have to attend any more extra rehearsals! Although I sing all year, I like Christmas time because it is one of the few times we sing with a full orchestra (instead of just organ or piano), which is quite thrilling.

Lest you begin to think that I have this fabulous coloratura voice, let me set you straight. I have an average voice and I did not sing any of the oratorio’s solos. With that out of the way, I must say that Georg Friedrich Händel was some kind of genius. So talented, so inspired. His music is both fun and challenging. It would be difficult to tire of his music. I look forward to singing some more of his work.

*On long distance affairs: they’re not my preference. In fact, my two previous relationships were long distance. And no, I did not meet any of them via the internet. The last one lasted three years off and on. It dragged out that long because of the distance. Had we been in the same state or, say, time zone, it would have been easier to see what was what and it would have ended much sooner. Because of that, I’d decided not to get involved in any more of those. Fast forward five years. The only serious contender worthy of my time turns out to be someone who is over 1000 kilometers away. And that’s how I’m back in a situation I had tried to avoid.

Speaking of Novio, he proudly wore the scarf I had made for him last month. I already dislike it and want to replace it. The grey yarn is already pilling. And when his stubble rubs on it it comes off on his chin. He doesn’t mind, but I do. Didn’t get a photo of him wearing it, but here's one I took before I sent it to him.

ribbed scarf in green & grey stripes
yarn: 100% worsted weight acrylic
needles: 4 mm/US 6
pattern: 3x3 rib
comments: This scarf (and its colors) was requested by Novio. He reiterated several times that it must not be wool—he’s allergic. Nice stash-reducing project.

navy & celeste diagonal rib scarf
100% worsted weight acrylic
needles: 4 mm/US 6
pattern: mine
comments: This scarf is for Novio’s roommate, who’s Cape Verdian and spending his very first winter in midwestern US. Brr! Wasn’t sure if he too had a wool allergy, so I erred on the safe side.

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