18 December 2007

Fell off the drinking wagon

There are dozens of benefits of drinking water. Although I’ve known this for most of my life, I never thought to do anything about it until four weeks ago. My friend, Ms. G de K, mentioned that she used to have a lot of skin breakouts, but after she started drinking water regularly, her skin cleared up. I took a look at her skin. It was, indeed, pretty flawless. That both inspired and convinced me. Besides, a woman in her 30’s really should not have the same skin issues she had back when she was a teenager. So began my two-liter-per-day habit. For the most part, I was surprisingly easy. The difficult part was having to pee what seemed like every five minutes.

I was really proud of myself for starting something new and sticking with it. Then came this weekend with its busy schedule and out-of-town guests. I fell off the wagon. I barely drank one liter each day. It’s okay, though, I’m not going to stress over it because tomorrow is a new day. I have all the incentive I need in the mirror. My skin has been looking better lately. Okay, so no one is going to stop me on the street and beg me to sign a modeling contract, but there are very few new pimples! I’ll drink to that!

Find below a few of the benefits of being properly hydrated:

Enables internal organs to function properly
Keeps skin looking fresh and healthy
Controls weight
Increases energy
Flushes out waste and toxins
Maintains overall health
Improves digestion
Increases metabolism
Cushions and lubricates joints and muscles
Regulates the digestive system
Reduces risk of disease and infection
Regulates body temperature

Update: I’ve jumped off the wagon. Forget about the two-liter goal. It’s inconvenient to be running to the bathroom every five minutes (or worse, to be holding a full bladder all the time). So I’ll be drinking one liter per day. If I drink more, fine. If I don’t, fine.

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