19 December 2007

Gatita Bonita (Pretty Kitty)

Somehow the subject of cats came up one evening at our monthly Savory knit meet-up and we discovered that almost everyone present had at least one cat (we also noticed that about half of us were wearing Dansko clogs). Also, it seems that the vast majority of knitting bloggers out there have cats and/or dogs. I often browse knitting blogs from around the world (even if I can’t read the language) and have discovered that the same is true in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Canada, etc.

So I shall now post the requisite pet picture. This is Duquesa. She is a ten-year-old tabby. I got her when she was 1.5 years old. She’s a wonderful, if occasionally crazy, companion. After my first cat died at two years old from liver cancer, the apartment (my first) felt desolate, so I waited six weeks and then went to the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington and adopted Duquesa. She had some unimaginatively generic name, so I asked Mami (my mother) for help and she came up with ‘Duquesa.’ Of all the cats available at the Humane Society I chose her because she was female, she purred and she was really friendly.

She enjoys El Bosque because there are plenty of birds and squirrels there to keep her entertained with their comings and goings.

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