04 May 2008

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!

When Whiskers called to find out if I wanted to go to this year’s MDSW Festival, she seemed understandably hesitant. But there was no need because the day had been reserved for just the two of us like it used to be. The weather was perfect---- blue skies and sunny with a light breeze.
There were 250 vendors of all fiber-related things, food, live music, storytelling, sheepdogs demonstrations, workshops, classes, sheep breed displays, lamb cooking contest, tools and gadgets for knitting, spinning and weaving and raising sheep.

Jess and Casey, founders of Ravelry, were at the Rabbit House to meet and greet all their fans. I’m not a shy person, and, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have had any problem going up, introducing myself and chatting for a minute or two. However, they were practically being mobbed (I heard yesterday was even worse because it was a much larger crowd), so I kept my distance and chatted with a few of the other crocheters and knitters instead. Mouse was there acting like a desperate groupie, but I didn’t say anything to her for fear that some snarky comment escape my mouth.

Cici & CJ took great photos. Check them out.

Yarn and books galore!

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