29 April 2008

MDSW Festival: The Prequel

Over the last several years my girlfriend Whiskers and I have made an unofficial tradition of going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (MDSW) together. Last year I’d forgotten all about the festival until the last minute. Not only that, Novio, whom I was just getting to know had come to town expecting to spend that Sunday with me. I was really conflicted because I wanted to spend time with both of them and I couldn’t miss the festival. The only solution I could come up with was to take him to the festival. Convincing him to change his plans was easy, the difficult part was telling Whiskers we’d be a threesome (with a non-knitter/crocheter, no less). When I called Whiskers and explained my dilemma, she told me not to worry, that she’d go on her own. Phew! I thought.

Then as the months went by she made half-joking comments at a couple knitting gatherings about how I’d kicked her to the curb and had taken this new guy to MDSW instead. At first I felt bad because that was exactly what I had tried to avoid. It really upsets me when girlfriends ditch me whenever a new man is in their lives*, and hated that I was being accused of doing that very thing. Finally I decided that I couldn’t change how I’d handled that situation, but could certainly do my best to prevent it from happening next May.

Fast forward to Spring 2008. Novio mentions that he’s making plans to come visit on the first weekend of May. But that’s when MDSW takes place, I explain. Exactly, he says. He had such a good time last year that he wanted to do it again this year. Groan… So I had to gently let him know what sort of position he put me in last year, that I wasn’t trying to repeat it and that Whiskers would resume her role as my MDSW companion. Besides, there are other festivals I have never been to, which he and I could explore together. He was rather put out because he truly was looking forward to going again, but eventually he came around to seeing things from my point of view and apologized. So this summer or autumn we’re going to check out a couple smaller festivals on the East Coast and in the Midwest.

*a subject for an all-together separate post


Barbara deG said...

What about going Saturday with your knitting female friend, and Sunday with guy friend?

Guaria del Bosque said...

I'm only available to go on Sunday, so that wouldn't work.