08 April 2008

Live from Canada: The Yarn Harlot!

Last night Whiskers and I went to see Stephanie Pearl McPhee----known in knitting circles as the Yarn Harlot. I was excited to actually hear the voice of someone whose books I had read (well, three of them) and whose quirky sense of humor I appreciated. We got there late, but still caught a good deal of her lecture (Sermon? Presentation? Speech? Don’t know what to call it…) as well as the question-and-answer session. It was very cool to see the entire second level of a mall bookstore packed with knitters and crocheters who, of course, knitted and crocheted while they listened.

Many of the attendees were wearing their handmade garments and accessories. Wow! Some of them were awe-inspiring. I was compelled to go over and compliment (and gush over) a couple women’s amazing lace shawls in particular. One, who was sitting in front of me, was wearing her circular Dragon Wings shawl which I just could not take my eyes from. Should have taken photos.

Numbers were given out to those who wanted to get their books singed by or speak with Stephanie. People were herded 25 at a time to line up at her table. Although, I wouldn’t have minded greeting and taking a photo of her, I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about being Number 427 or whatever my number would have been. So instead I greeted other knitters I knew, ate at the nearby Italian restaurant and went home. And since I didn’t get to speak to her, I can still hold on to my little fantasy. “What fantasy?” you ask. The one of someday running into her at an airport or some random public place while I’m working on some impressive piece of knitting, she stops, we chat for a few minutes and then she writes about me in her blog. Okay, so it’s a bit improbable, but quite harmless as far as fantasies go.

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