11 February 2008

Sex Education

Today I dropped of a couple bags of yarn at the thrift store. It felt great. I walked around to see what was new and came upon this book. I immediately recognized it as a book my parents had used to teach my brother about sex when he finally got around to asking questions.* I especially remember this illustration of the rooster and hen mating because I had seen my Tía Raquel’s hens and roosters doing the same thing when I visited her out in the country.

I couldn’t resist, I had to have it. Upon rereading it I realized that it is a surprisingly good book considering that it was published almost 30 years ago. The original price was $8.95, but I paid a whopping 27 cents for it.

The text that goes with this illustration is: To send the sperm into the hen's body, te rooster climbs onto her back and places his opening against hers. Then his sperm move into the opening in her body.

*He was seven or eight. I, on the other hand, asked when I was three. My mother said that when she said something like “When a mommy and a daddy love each other, their love makes a baby,” I looked at her and said, “Solo usted sabe eso.” The literal translation is “Only you know that,” which means something like “Yeah, right. Tell me another one.”

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