14 February 2008

In Honor of Ex-Boyfriends

Often, when we think about our romantic past, we tend to dwell on the jerks we’ve dated----you, know, the ones who acted like it was their job to load us down with emotional baggage. But today I’d like to honor two men whom I truly loved (still do, but in a different way, now) and for whom I have fond memories: Sapito & Choufleur.

With them I had trust, respect and love. They were also intelligent, hardworking, witty, handsome, sensitive, yet manly. We remained friends after the breakups. I knew that they would someday become good husbands and fathers (and they did). Three cheers for good men. Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!

On a fiber-related note, the first hat I ever crocheted was for Choufleur (as per his request). I made my best effort considering that it was the first time and I wasn’t using a pattern. When I presented it to him he laughed. Not tee-hee----more like a guffaw. Several loud guffaws followed by a fit of giggles. Seeing my annoyance, he said “Thank you, honey,” and then pranced around the house like a clown with it on. Granted, it looked afflicted, but, dude, couldn’t you have held the ridicule ‘til a little later? Anyway, I forgave him.

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