06 January 2008

Mystère, et Boules de Gomme

In 2003 I developed a serious crush on Frodo. When I say serious, I mean the kind that I hadn’t had since high school. The sort of crush that, when he walked into the room, I’d get all flustered, didn’t know how to act or what to say. He was witty, intelligent, professional, well-read, artistic, handsome, Christian, well-traveled, tall, of color, urbane, and belonged to Generation X—in short, he seemed to be the complete package. Problem is, although he was aware of my existence, he showed no interest in me whatsoever.

This past autumn I ran into Frodo at an event and he was all extra-friendly as if we were long-lost friends. I was like, “What the hell?” Now that I’m not interested (though I still find him fine as all get-out) he decides to show me some of the attention I craved a few years ago. What gives? Oh, and that day I was not looking extraordinary. My clothes were plain and my hair was barely cooperating.

I don’t harbor any hard feelings. Who knows what was going on in his life back when I was interested in him. I’m just perplexed. Talk about bad timing. When I would have melted at just a few words directed my way (and he had a three-year window), he barely spoke to me. Now that I have a boyfriend he seems interested. There must be a name for this sort of thing--Murphy’s Law doesn’t quite fit. Any ideas?

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