31 January 2008

Knitting Resolutions 2008

Since I’m in a resolution-making mood, I’ve made a fiber-related list.

1. Purge my stash. My clothes are having a turf war with the yarn stash. The clothes won the hall closet, but the stash seems to be winning the bedroom closet.

2. Knit a lace shawl/stole. I’ve wanted to do this for months, now. I have the yarn and recently found a fantastic pattern.

3. Knit something from a pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It’ll be nice to try something new.

4. Knit something from a pattern found online. I’m one of those renegade knitters who rarely uses patterns, so this one is to keep me a little disciplined.

5. Attend at least two knitting gatherings per month. I really enjoy these, but whenever I get really busy, I stop attending. This year I plan to attend no matter how busy I become.

6. Finish six unfinished objects by the end of February. I’ll feel relief and accomplishment and have some new things to wear.

1 comment:

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, I don't even have enough nerve to post my 08' resolutions. I may borrow a few of your though.