05 January 2008

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

I read somewhere that in Russia it is considered good luck for snow to fall on New Year’s Day. Well, if Michigan were Russia, it would be one very lucky state. Did I mention that it snowed every single one of the five days I was there? And would you believe that I was tromping around in this stuff without boots? It was quite pretty and reminded me of my years in New England. It also reminded me of why I moved away. Brr!

It appears that one of Duquesa’s New Year’s resolutions is to be more cooperative, as evidenced by her willingness to sit still for a little photo shoot (which I’ve been trying to get her to do since November). Or perhaps she has decided to be on her best behaviour lest I abandon her for another five days. Who knows what thoughts run through a cat’s mind.

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