08 January 2008

25 Things About Me (general)

1. My mother and I were born in the same hospital.
2. My favorite sports are swimming and bicycling.
3. Never been on a diet.
4. Love desserts that include nuts or caramel or berries.
5. There’s always a liter of vanilla soymilk in my refrigerator.
6. Have no tattoos or piercings.
7. I like chocolate, but dislike chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream.
8. Have never sung karaoke (but I’d like to).
9. Have never bungee jumped (I almost did once, but the line was too long).
10. In the 1990’s I used to dye my hair reddish brown.
11. Dislike rollercoasters.
12. I prefer going to the cinema alone.
13. I’d rather play baseball and golf than watch (zzz…).
14. My earliest memory is of when I was three.
15. Up until my teens I often dreampt things that later came true. It rarely happens now.
16. I’m fascinated by etymology and geography.
17. I do not believe in love at first sight.
18. My father taught me how to drive when I was 14.
19. Hate when people can’t (or don’t care to) park properly.
20. My first car, a Nissan 200SX, was a graduation (university) gift.
21. I used to sing and dance to my mixed tapes at stop lights (in the car, that is).
22. During my clubbing days, I was always designated driver.
23. Since I wasn’t there to drink or hook up, I was often first on the dance floor.
24. I am taller than my parents and brother (no, I’m not adopted).
25. Since I have no sisters, I cherish my girlfriends.

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