08 January 2008

25 Things About Me (fiber related)

1. Taught myself to crochet at age eleven from a library book.
2. Bought a pair of knitting needles ten years before I actually learned to knit.
3. Tried to teach myself with a library book, but couldn’t get past casting on.
4. I finally learned at the Washington, DC Knit Out & Crochet.
5. I really enjoy attending knitting circles.
6. My favorite casting on method is the knitted cast on.
7. My favorite yarn to crochet with is worsted weight cotton.
8. Yarn snobs (and snobs in general) really irritate me.
9. Ditto for knitters who snub crocheters
10. Rarely knit at home. Mostly knit in public (bus, train, grocery line, etc.)
11. Taught my six-year-old nephew how to knit (upon his request).
12. My niece was uninterested.
13. Have never used the yarn specified in a pattern.
14. Thus, I almost always make a swatch before beginning a project.
15. I knit for pleasure and relaxation.
16. On the one occasion I knit for money, I did not enjoy the process.
17. I like working with mohair, but don’t like to wear it.
18. I like the smell of sheep.
19. The first non-accessory I knit for myself was a cabled top in cotton.
20. Don’t know how people write lists of one hundred things about themselves.
21. Have never knit mittens or socks (would like to soon).
22. Have never knit on double-pointed needles (might, at some point).
23. I have a spindle that I forgot how to use.
24. Need to relearn so I can at least spin all the roving I bought in 2004.
25. Was taught English style, but switched to Continental style two months later because it felt more comfortable.

* Today is the last day of a glorious four-day January thaw (73F/23C!).

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