24 December 2007

Another Blanket

This is RJ, son of my friend Lorraine. I credit him with helping me improve my beginner knitting skills considerably. When he was in utero I decided to make him a sweater. At that point, I was too intimidated by knitting patterns, so I found a very easy crochet pattern and modified it for knitting. The sweater you see him wearing was my first attempt. That little project gave me the courage to try making sweaters for myself. Also the first blanket and booties* I ever made were for him. Of course, looking back at it now I spot things like the curled edges (which I now prevent with seed stitch or ribbing), nonetheless, I hold a special affection for this, my first sweater. [That thumb belongs to his great-grandmother, who's around 95 years old and has hair that resembles snowy roving.]

Lorraine hated that yarn, so she gave it to me. After I began working, or rather, wrestling with it, I hated it too. It was an acrylic imitation of mohair. I was able to tolerate it just long enough to finish RJ’s projects and dutifully returned the twelve balls that were left over to her. This massive purchase of horrid yarn was the result of bad advice given by a surly clerk at Smiley’s whom we suspect doesn’t even knit or crochet. I’m not telling you not to shop there, just don’t take the advice of the shrews who work there (especially since they have a no refunds-no returns policy). Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. The purchase was made a few years ago. Here’s hoping that they have hired more pleasant and knowledgeable clerks.

RJ is now a big boy. In fact, as of this summer, he is no longer an only child. This blanket is for his baby brother. By the way, Lorraine is an excellent crocheter (Isn’t it nice to make something for a fellow crafter? Then you know they will appreciate it.). I hope to feature some of her creations in the future.

You must be thinking, “Guaria seems to have a really fertile bunch of friends!” The fact is that most of them are in their 30s, which for professional women of Generation X means baby-making time. What I think is odd is that they have all given birth to boys, even the one who was just dying to have a girl.

*Thanks to a pattern from Clare of the Teaism knitting group. I tell you, knitters are some of the most unselfish, giving people around.

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