23 April 2008

Lost and Found

When someone mentioned on Whip-up blog that she was desperately seeking some of the discontinued Noro Large Tubu yarn, I offered the seven skeins I had. There was no response for two months. Then Stepho from Canada e-mailed me saying that although she was not the poster of the original request, she was interested in purchasing the yarn if it was still available. After exchanging several e-mails we agreed on the details of the transaction. After receiving her postal money order, I packed the yarn into a box and took it on the bus to work with me. The plan was to take it to the post office during my lunch period. Imagine my horror when I transferred to a second bus and realize that I had left the box on the first bus. I dreaded having to send the money order back and, worse, to send the e-mail saying that I had carelessly lost the yarn. I fretted that someone would take the box and then discard it when he or she realized that it was "only" yarn. Yeah, only $250 worth.

When I arrived at work I called the bus company and told them about my package. The woman who answered the phone assured me that the driver would drop off the box at the lost and found at the end of his shift. After work I went to this out of the way place I'd never been to where the bus company has its Lost and Found. I climbed the stairs and breathlessly waited at the window to be attended. I told the one-armed man on duty why I was there. He rummaged around in the back while I waited hopefully. Finally he returned to the window holding my box! I almost didn't want to believe it. I signed the release form and held the box tightly. The box had been opened, but its contents were intact. What a relief!

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