19 February 2008

Overheard at Tonight’s Knitting Gathering

The Silver Spring Knitters had their weekly meeting at a restaurant in downtown Silver Spring. While we were eating, knitting and talking, a little girl came up to the table holding up a pair of circular needles, “Does this belong to any of you? I found it in the bathroom.” Jennifer, who’d been wearing them around her neck reached for them and said “If they’re size 3’s they're mine. They must have fallen off my neck.”

A knitter from across the table comments, “There’s a lot of needle sharing going on around here. At least it’s not too dangerous. Usually you wouldn’t want to pick up needles you find in a public bathroom, much less share them.”


“I’m friends with a couple who got pregnant late in life. It was all so unexpected that they couldn’t decide on a name for the baby, so they named him after the cat.”

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