17 January 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

It snowed all morning. Only three inches fell, but it was enough to transform the drab winter landscape beautifully. It’s slightly amusing (and irritating) how the people in this area react whenever there is snow in the weather forecast. Yesterday, when the meteorologists predicted yesterday that 2-4 inches of snow were expected to fall, half the people ran out, mobbed the supermarkets and bought up all the bread, milk, bottled water, et cetera. One would think that the blizzard of the century had been predicted. They act as if 2-4 inches is going to keep them housebound for days. And even if we had a substantial storm coming, does this mean that nobody had basic staples in their refrigerators and cupboards to hold them of a couple days? Man.

Some time during tonight’s rehearsal with the Let Freedom Ring Choir at Metropolitan Baptist Church, I saw a fur coat walk in. When it unwrapped its owner I realized that it was our soloist, opera singer Denyce Graves. To his credit, our choir director did not act like a fluttery sycophant the way some of the others did. We (the choir and Denyce, that is) practiced together and sounded great. Since there was a lot of down time in certain parts of the rehearsal, I had my knitting. I was a bit nervous that the director would tell me to put it away, but he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t say anything ‘cause he didn’t know my name or maybe because I never took my eyes off his face while we were singing (it was plain stockinette). Whatever the reason, I got half a sleeve done!

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