13 January 2008

Here Come the Brides

I’ve recently received two wedding invitations which will both take place on Memorial Day weekend. At first I thought I’d only be able to attend one, but it turns out that they’re one day after the other. I’m especially excited about the first wedding because it’s of my Pakistani friend and there will be a mehndi ceremony. I’ve read about them and watched them on film, but this will be my first time participating in one, so it's is special. In Morocco I had my hands decorated in henna, but it was not as part of any ceremony, just for aesthetic purposes. This will be the real deal.

The second wedding is also something to look forward to because many old friends will be present there. This couple has a really nice wedding website. There are many new trends in the wedding business, most of which I don’t care for, but this is one idea I really like. In it the couple shares how they met, how he proposed (with video of the proposal), introduces the wedding party (with lots of photos), gives address and directions to the church and reception hall, tells at which stores they’re registered, lists recommended hotels and local attractions, et cetera. I imagine this is especially convenient for out-of-town guests. The other advantage is that all the information is in one place and the couple doesn’t have to repeat everything a million times. All they have to do is hand out cards with the address of the website on them.

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