24 March 2008

Arachnid Exchange/Intercambio Aracnido

I am involved in the Intercambio Aracnido Mujer Araña, It’s a swap among Spanish-speaking knitters, crocheters and weavers on the American continent as well as Europe. The name literally means the Spider Woman Arachnid Exchange. Why arachnids? Because we are like crafty little spiders weaving our webs. Anyway, there are about 50 of us participating. We each received a questionnaire detailing the preferences and dislikes of our secret pal and then had to get to work on our gift packages. Each package must contain the following:

• A hand-knit, crocheted or sewn purse or tote bag
• A craft accessory
• A surprise gift
• Something with a spidery design (an amigurimi or something knit with a stitch that resembles a spider web)
• One ball of yarn
• A knitting/crocheting tool or gadget
• A knitting/crochet magazine

It’s very exciting to be putting together a special gift package for someone I’ve never met and only know through her blog. I’m also very curious to know who pulled my name. I suspect she might be from Mexico or Chile because those two countries have the most participants. However, it can also be someone from Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Sweden, Costa Rica, Spain or Argentina. We shall see!

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